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eCommerce websites, web design and graphic design

Ah excellent… you’ve found me! Come in, grab a seat and I’ll get you a virtual cup of tea or coffee…if you’re lucky, and I haven’t eaten them all, you might even get a virtual biscuit or two!

I am a Web Designer and marketing professional specialising in online presence for small and medium enterpreneurs. I have 10 years marketing experience, having worked for several companies in Belgium and Russia.

I tend to specialise in ecommerce website design but also enjoy the occasional foray into graphic design which is always fun because there aren’t the limitations of the web.

eCommerce website

eCommerce website

Start to sell online today. It’s easy!

Portfolio website

Portfolio website

Let me create your online home.

SEO, marketing, graphic design

SEO, marketing, graphic design

What is the purpose of the website if it can’t be found? I’ll build your strong web presence!

What I do that’s different

    • I try, where possible to adjust my prices to your budget so you can instantly start up your business without postponing your long planned dream.
    • I approach design in a kind of holistic way, making sure that a piece of design actually works from the copy right through to the design itself.
    • I use plain, simple language and don’t try to dazzle with technobabble.
    • I use my 10 years+ experience in


    to help you make the right decisions in ecommerce, saving you from all the mistakes that I’ve made over the years.

Rather than bore you to tears with one of those boring, endless corporate sales pitches, just check out my portfolio or take a gander at the pages on website design, ecommerce design, SEO or graphic design…you choose! If you like what you see, then call me on Skype (soapmarine) or get in touch by email: info Soapmarine Com.

I hold Master after Master degree in General Management of University of Liege and HEC, Master degree in International Marketing of Moscow University and Bachelor degree of Economy of Moscow University.

I play with HTML, CSS, Photoshop, InDesign, WordPress and many other.

If you would like a copy of my CV please get in contact.



 Recent work




Have a tight budget for your website? I’ll work out within it.

Problem with your site ranking? Shoot me an email with a few details and give me a quick moment to look at your site and the market competition. I’ll get back to you with a free SEO evaluation.

Contact me today.

Skype: soapmarine

tel: 0032/0489.57.8080

mail: info at soapmarine dot com

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